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While addressing hate speech is important, Bill C-63 raises questions and serious concerns of overreach about Canada’s charter provision for “Freedom of expression.”

In the heart of Alberta, a small but mighty group of young Red Deer minor hockey team players laced up their skates for more than just the love of the game. They geared up for a different kind of challenge – giving back to their community.

Helicopters Without Borders transports essential supplies, services, and healthcare personnel to rural areas that are negatively impacted by inefficient supply chains.

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Charity Spotlight: Fraser Valley Gleaners Society

The Fraser Valley Gleaners Society (FVG) is a non-profit foundation based in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They have volunteers that take donated surplus and non-marketable vegetables and turn them into a dehydrated vegetable soup mix to be given away to partner organizations that distribute food to hungry people and those in need around the world.