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About Polite Canada

Polite Canada was born out of the lack of positivity and excess of issues without solutions in typical media. This platform is dedicated to shining the spotlight on the positive contributions and remarkable endeavours of Canadians while also raising awareness to crucial societal challenges. At Polite Canada, we strive to foster a community that primarily celebrates goodness but also raises awareness about pressing issues impacting the lives of Canadians.

The Intent

The Polite Canada platform will never be a news source. Our focus goes far beyond traditional media outlets in that we stand firm in our commitment to fostering a community rooted in positivity and celebrating the everyday acts of kindness and resilience (along with feats of excellence) that define Canadian identity. When we raise awareness to and ask questions about pressing issues, our platform will never intend to sway opinions or dictate narratives. Instead, we aim to start meaningful discussions with questions that inspire dialogue and collective problem-solving. Our focus remains on championing solutions that prioritize the well-being and interests of everyday Canadians.

Content Mission

Our platform embraces a unique open-door policy for content submission from the public, valuing the diverse perspectives and experiences of every Canadian. However, we are committed to upholding a balance that reflects the essence of positivity and constructive engagement that Polite Canada was built for. Our content policies prioritize maintaining a ratio in which 90% of our posts spotlight uplifting stories, celebrate achievements, and spread positivity across the nation. The remaining 10% is dedicated to shedding light on important issues and serving as a platform for discussion and reflection.

Addressing Politics

At Polite Canada, the focus is to protect the integrity of our mission by remaining impartial and inclusive, and that includes rising above political divides. While certain topics may unavoidably intersect with politics, our primary objective is to refrain from endorsing any specific political ideas or individual politicians. Instead, we are here to facilitate discussions surrounding issues that impact all Canadians, presenting a balanced perspective that reflects the diversity of viewpoints nationwide.

Who Are We?

Polite Canada was founded by three philanthropists from British Columbia. Driven by a shared weariness of the pervasive negativity saturating the internet, the Polite Canada concept was the result of their mission to create a platform that champions positivity, opens beneficial discussions, and seeks solutions. Proudly independent, Polite Canada stands apart by refusing any external funding from political sources, ensuring our commitment to unbiased representation and inclusivity for all Canadians to share stories, ideas, and inspiration.

Financial Disclaimer

We guarantee that funds designated for specific causes are entirely dedicated to those initiatives, ensuring maximum impact and accountability. General donations are thoughtfully allocated to various nonprofit organizations that have been carefully researched and vetted to ensure alignment with our values and dedication to worthy causes. It is important to note that while we do not profit from donations to specific causes, Polite Canada does generate revenue through administrative fees, advertising, and partnerships with other platforms. These avenues sustain our operations, allowing us to continue amplifying positivity and nation-wide engagement.

Continuing the Discussion

There’s a quote that goes “Don’t believe everything you hear, don’t believe everything you read, and only believe half of what you see.” More than ever before, now is the time for Canadians to think for themselves, and our purpose is only to start a discussion that gets people thinking. With that said, we recognize that it is crucial to celebrate positivity and great causes, and so our true purpose is to identify and publicize the good.


Together, let’s pave a path that fosters a brighter, more inclusive future for all Canadians.

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