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Helping Alberta students complete education

Margery Gaede, a graduate with multiple degrees from the University of Alberta, along with her husband, Harry Gaede, who holds degrees in law and arts from the same university, have been helping the students at the University of Alberta by supporting student awards, bursaries, and other programs.

Both Margery and Harry, who enjoyed successful careers, are driven by a desire to give back to the institution that shaped their futures. Margery received her master’s degree from the University of Alberta and used to teach nursing at the University of British Columbia and University of Alberta. Harry went on to practice law and served as a provincial court judge. Both Margery and Harry’s parents could not pursue an education themselves, so they encouraged their children to do it. Continuing this tradition, Margery and Harry have made sure that their eight grandchildren can finish their studies without any financial burden.

Margery, who had a career in teaching nursing and psychology, noticed that many of her students worked part-time jobs to pay for their education – despite receiving scholarships, she noticed that some students still could not afford to finish their education. Margery and her colleagues now work to help students and programs at the University of Alberta as a way of giving back and enabling education for students without the financial means.

Both Harry and Margery have been longtime supporters of the University of Alberta’s Augustana campus and its students in various forms including student awards and bursaries. Harry also created an endowed award, named after him and his late wife, Betty Gaede, to support Augustana music students.

The Harry and Betty Gaede Music Award is awarded to an Alberta resident with satisfactory academic standing enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the Augustana Faculty with a major or minor in Music. Recipients are selected based on their academic standing and financial need, and preference is given to students from the Camrose area.

Harry and his late wife, Betty Gaede, believed in the importance of education, particularly in the arts. Betty was an active member of the Augustana community with a passion for music. She taught private piano lessons and participated in the Camrose Music Festival before she passed away from cancer in 2002.

Harry and Margery have also generously donated a portion of their estate to causes including the Augustana campus. They continue to actively advocate for improved access to education, strongly believing that financial constraints should never hinder the aspirations of those eager to pursue university. Through their philanthropic efforts, they aim to create a lasting impact that will benefit students and society for years to come.

Source: University of Alberta