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CanadaHelps surpasses $3b raised in support of Canadian charities

One of Canada’s leaders in donating and fundraising, CanadaHelps, has surpassed $3 billion raised in support of the nation’s charities since its founding in 2000. With more than $400 million of the total raised in 2023 alone, the organization has tripled in total dollars raised since 2018 and continues to redefine the landscape of giving.

Since its inception, CanadaHelps has been on a mission to make giving accessible, transparent, and efficient. Through the technology that it provides, individuals and organizations can discover, donate to, or fundraise from their choice of over 30,000 registered charities. This digital technology has changed the way that Canadians can engage in philanthropy, breaking down barriers and empowering donors to support causes close to their hearts from the comfort of their homes.

The $3 billion milestone is an incredible testament to the generosity of Canadians across the nation. Whether it’s supporting local community initiatives, environmental conservation efforts, healthcare services, or educational programs, CanadaHelps has played a pivotal role in connecting donors with causes that align with their values and priorities. This significant milestone underscores the collective power of small acts of kindness and the profound impact that they can have on building stronger communities.

It is incredible to see how Canadians prioritize generosity, even during tough financial times caused by the high cost of living. With the continued support of donors, charities, and community partners, CanadaHelp is positioned to continue building on its momentum and driving even greater positive outcomes for individuals, communities, and organizations in need.

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