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Saskatchewan’s Rebecca Strong wins Canada’s Got Talent

In what can be known as the biggest cash prize in Canadian television history, Rebecca Strong, an Indigenous singer from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, took home the competition’s first $1 million prize after winning the third season of Canada’s Got Talent. Rebecca is proud to represent the Chipewyan and Dënesųłinë́ people. Her family hails from Stony Rapids, a small community in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The Dene language is part of the Northern Athabaskan language family and has nearly 12,000 speakers in Canada, mostly in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories.

The 20-year-old singer gave a phenomenal performance with her beautiful and soul-stirring voice. Strong first took the nation by storm and won $25,000 with the golden buzzer earlier in the season, earning her ticket to the final round of CGT. During the finale of Canada’s Got Talent, Strong won everyone’s hearts with an epic performance singing her own style of the Adele song, ‘Rolling in the Deep.’ She beat seven other contestants in the live two-hour finale to win the third edition of Canada’s Got Talent.

Rebecca has touched the hearts of Canadians with her performances throughout her journey at Canada’s Got Talent as she had Canadian fans across the country voting for her. The cash prize of $1 million is considered the biggest in Canadian television history so far.

“It was on my bucket list…I’ve been dreaming since I was very young, and I’ve always dreamt of being on big stages and (Canada’s) Got Talent, so yeah I did think that I would be on a stage like this at some point in my life, I just didn’t know when,” said Strong, while speaking to media after her win.

Canada’s Got Talent champion Rebecca Strong believes that her victory will open new doors for her career. She is certain that winning the show will bring forward more chances to grow her music career through touring and making new music. Strong has been singing ever since she was a child and appearing on Canada’s Got Talent marked her biggest stage yet. Strong is encouraging anyone with a talent to pursue it and show it to the world.