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Local Musicians perform at a fundraiser concert in Saskatchewan

A spring concert was organized in Preeceville, Saskatchewan by a congregation to raise awareness and funds for their Missions and Service program. The event, held on May 8, featured a variety of local artists who delivered both musical and theatrical performances.

Sheila Klebeck hosted the event, welcoming everyone and briefly discussing the Mission and Service program. The performance began with Karolyn Kosheluk playing three musical pieces on the piano. Jeff Davis followed, playing a few musical selections with Kosheluk accompanying him. Kelly Ivanochko then performed a comedic theater piece based on Jack and the Beanstalk. She also recited another poem later in the program called “The Voice in the Box.” The concert concluded with Samuel Korney performing two piano pieces.

The evening also saw performances by Jeff and Laura Davis, who sang and played multiple songs, and Tapawinashe Mugadzi, who performed a soulful Zimbabwean song. Sheila Ivanochko recited two poems, and Jonah Christianson played the piano beautifully. Stanley Prokulevich showed off his guitar talent. The Mugadzi family, including David, Faithful and their children Tapawinashe, Tinashe and David Junior, impressed the audience with two lovely Zimbabwean songs. Mitch Samuels played the guitar, and Rhonda Cook and Jeannette Jaques concluded the performance with a duet.

Last year, supporters of the United Church of Canada donated over $25 million to people in need and important projects. Mission and Service is a fund based on the United Church that helps people worldwide live better lives. Many people suffer daily from various traumas like natural disasters, food insecurity, homelessness, and oppression – Mission and Service provides support to those in need. The fund is partly supported by donations from the United Church congregation – when people attend worship, they can choose to allocate part of their donation to the Mission and Service fund.

Under the Mission and Service program, the people of the United Church are committed to turning compassion into action and helping others.