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Ruth Billmann: A compassionate force for animal welfare in the Kootenays

In the charming towns of Kimberley and Cranbrook, located in the beautiful Kootenays, Ruth Billmann shines as a figure of compassion and commitment in the field of animal welfare. Founding the Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society, her dedicated efforts in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming pets have distinguished her, meriting the prestigious 2023 Medal of Good Citizenship.

From its establishment in 2019, Ruth has been pivotal in transforming the lives of innumerable pets and their human families. Her actions, ranging from rehabilitating challenging cases like Max, a troubled hound, to leading efforts in controlling the feral cat population through trap, neuter, and release initiatives, exemplify boundless compassion. Remarkably, in one year, she dedicated two intensive weeks to rescue and secure homes for over 60 kittens, showcasing her unwavering commitment to change.

Facing the wildfire crisis near the ʔaq’am community, Ruth quickly organized an emergency shelter for vulnerable and disoriented pets, highlighting her resilience and deep commitment to animal well-being during emergencies.

Balancing a full-time job, Ruth still manages to rescue hundreds of animals annually, sacrificing her rest for the sake of compassion. Her commitment goes beyond direct rescue operations; she also focuses on details such as ensuring foster homes are well-prepared and engaging with the community through educational visits and fundraising events.

Ruth’s approach not only saves lives but also inspires many to partake in the challenging yet incredibly fulfilling journey of animal rescue. Despite her selfless dedication, Ruth seldom takes time for herself, yet her influence is profoundly felt across Kimberley, Cranbrook, and surrounding areas, positively affecting countless humans and animals. Honored with the 2023 Medal of Good Citizenship, Ruth Billmann embodies the essence of altruism, compassion, and steadfast dedication to the betterment of animal welfare.

Source: Government of British Columbia, Cranbrook Daily Townsman