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Red River Métis musician releases her debut EP

Manitoba’s Catie St. Germain, a Red River Métis musician, is charting a new path as a solo singer-songwriter. Her latest extended play (EP) features fiddle melodies while paying homage to her Métis roots. Her music is inspired by her grandfather, Ray St. Germain, who is a Métis country legend, author, and radio show host. The new country-pop album titled Cleaning House (Or Trying) by Catie St. Germain is influenced by motherhood, relationships, and her undying passion for music.

Growing up, Catie watched her grandfather, Ray St. Germain, perform on sold-out stages. After playing in cover bands for 15 years, Catie recently won the Manitoba Country Music Award (MCMA). Music runs in Catie St. Germain’s blood; ever since she was a teenager, she has played in bars around Winnipeg before branching out into North America. “I feel like I got a lot of experience as a performer that way, but I definitely knew that I wanted to try my hand at writing my own songs,” says Catie.

Catie kick-started her solo career by releasing her first single, The Taxman, last year. She has always been drawn to songwriting, and her three children have also been a major source of inspiration. Growing up in a family of talented musicians, performing felt natural to her. She was influenced by listening to her grandpa on NCI, particularly the Métis Hour. This is why her music tends to include fiddle and similar elements.

Catie says it’s a juggling act to combine music and motherhood. As she prepares for the summer festival circuit, she’s excited to share the unique musical experience she had growing up with her own children and wants her kids to accompany her on the shows, as most of them are family friendly. Catie’s debut EP was released on all major streaming platforms on Friday, May 24.