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New Brunswick Association of Food Banks distributes 11 million lbs of food annually

The New Brunswick Provincial Food Distribution initiative operates with a comprehensive approach, annually distributing an impressive 11 million pounds of food, catering to 44,000 visits, and providing 53,000 weekly breakfasts. This initiative boasts a robust network of 65 members and successfully procures products valued at $10 million each year, ensuring efficient delivery to all food banks across New Brunswick. Supported by a well-maintained 15,000-square-foot food storage warehouse equipped with industrial refrigeration, the initiative significantly contributes to 22,000 monthly visits to food banks in the region. Beyond this, the program plays a vital role in the community by supplying 5,000 daily breakfasts to schools and actively supporting local farms through a dedicated local food-buying strategy. The Food Depot purchases and distributes over $16 million worth of food annually.

The Food Depot Alimentaire receives donations from various sources, including the province, the private sector, the community, and Food Banks Canada. Additionally, they run a successful weekly 50/50 draw, offering an opportunity for New Brunswick residents to contribute to feeding hungry individuals and families throughout the province. The entry cost is equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee once a week, with participants having a chance to win one of the sizable weekly 50/50 Goldrush jackpots.

Since its inception in 2013, the Food Depot Weekly 50/50 Goldrush Draw has served as a significant fundraising activity, raising more than $5.3 million to support individuals in need. The proceeds from the draw enable the Food Depot Alimentaire to provide assistance to 65 food banks across New Brunswick, as well as several regional soup kitchens, shelters, crisis centers, after-school programs, and school breakfast programs. While nearly $9 million in winnings have been distributed, it is imperative to recognize that this amount has played a crucial role in feeding individuals and families in need.

According to the 2023 HungerCount report, there were 29,846 registered visits in New Brunswick in March 2023, with 10,322 of these visits involving children. There was a 24.7% change in total visits from 2022 to 2023 and a significant 34.0% change from 2019 to 2023. Notably, 65 food banks reported providing a cumulative total of 69,918 meals and snacks during this period.

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