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Manitoba Association of Food Banks distributes 12 million lbs of food annually

Since its inception in 1985 as Winnipeg Harvest, Harvest Manitoba has undergone significant evolution. On its 35th anniversary, the food bank merged with the Manitoba Association of Food Banks, thus becoming Canada’s fourth-largest food distributor. The Food Bank annually collects and distributes 12 million pounds of nutritious food, thereby benefiting Manitobans. Operating from its Winnipeg Warehouse, the food bank orchestrates the creation of Harvest Hampers, which cater to over 90,000 individuals monthly, including children, families, and struggling adults. Harvest extends its reach by distributing food to more than 380 food banks and agencies spanning every region of the province.

Vision Statement: Working together toward a healthier future for all where no Manitoban goes hungry.

Mission Statement:

•Collecting and distributing food

•Providing client-centered long-term solutions

•Advocating and informing

The organization currently hosts the following programs:

Harvest Meals2Go: A weekend breakfast program operational in six Winnipeg schools. It endeavors to furnish students with nutritious food kits for the weekends, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays when they lack access to school meal programs. These kits include healthy items such as cereals, yogurt, milk, and fresh fruit, aiming to enhance their health and well-being. Additionally, a personally crafted note of encouragement is included to impart a sense of value and importance. The program is slated to expand to new rural sites in 2023-2024.

First Steps: This program caters exclusively to mothers with infants, providing essential products to satisfy their basic needs during the most crucial phase of their development. Harvest lends its support by supplying powdered baby formula, baby cereal, diapers, and other necessary infant care products to families in need across the province.

Grow a Row: A platform for gardening enthusiasts seeking to make a difference in their community. Harvest encourages individuals to contribute produce to over 47,000 Manitobans who rely on food banks every month. While all kinds of produce are welcome, root crops are particularly encouraged due to their longer shelf life. Nevertheless, cucumbers, tomatoes, and even crab apples are also accepted.

Additionally, the organization houses Harvest365 as a community of passionate advocates devoted to combatting hunger across the province, spanning from downtown Winnipeg to the most remote communities in Northern Manitoba. Harvest Manitoba proudly stands as the 4th largest food distributor of its kind in Canada.

According to the 2023 HungerCount report, there were 57,351 registered visits in Manitoba in March 2023, with 20,794 of these visits involving children. There was a 30.4% change in total visits from 2022 to 2023. Notably, 8 food banks reported providing a cumulative total of 187,737 meals and snacks during this period.

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Harvest Manitoba

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