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Local charity helps realize 81-year-old Carole’s dream

81-year-old Carole Coulson from Waterloo, Ontario dedicated much of her younger years to therapy farms, helping children with disabilities experience the joy of riding horses. About eight years ago, Carole suffered a massive stroke, which took away her ability to speak and to use her right side properly. After a brain bleed led to severe physical complications, she thought she would never ride a horse again, which was a significant loss given Carole’s deep love for horses. Carole’s daughter cannot think of her mother without recalling her passion for horses.

Recently, the charity “We Are Young” fulfilled Coulson’s wish to get back on the saddle. We Are Young (WAY) is a charitable organization that grants unfulfilled wishes to seniors living within the Atlantic Provinces and Ontario. The charity helps seniors fulfill their wishes with the clear intention of positively changing the way society views, values, and supports our oldest generation. Through granting wishes, the charity raises social awareness around the inequalities faced by seniors and encourages respect and appreciation of them. The organization aims to inspire intergenerational connections where seniors experience inclusion and a sense of belonging in their communities.

With help from We Are Young and Pride Stables, a riding program for people with disabilities, Coulson was assisted out of her wheelchair and onto a horse. As she rode, supported by staff, she smiled continuously.

The stable’s work mirrored much of what Coulson did when she was younger, making the moment even more special. Despite all of the changes in her life, Coulson still loves being on the back of a horse.