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Grade 12 student recognized for exemplary leadership

Seth Borden of Halifax, Nova Scotia has been recognized for his passion and dedication to learning and teaching. Inspired by his mother, who works in the school system, Borden has always wanted to work with children since he was in elementary school.

Since then, Borden has been actively involved in student councils and the Best Buddies Program, and he also advises the minister of education. Currently finishing Grade 12 at Citadel High School in Halifax, Seth Borden dedicates his time to mentoring and guiding younger students. Known for his outgoing and kind demeanor, he serves as a positive role model, inspiring and influencing students constructively. Through his interactions, Borden creates a supportive environment where students feel encouraged to learn and grow, fostering a sense of confidence and self-esteem.

In the future, Seth Borden aspires to become an elementary school teacher, driven by his desire to support children who learn differently or face challenges in their academic journey. His own experiences with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD provide him with a deep understanding and empathy for students with similar learning differences.

Borden credits his success to the school’s Individual Program Plan (IPP), which gave him the time and tools he needed to succeed. He observed that tasks often seemed simpler and hopes teachers realize that learning differently does not equate to learning less. “When I become a teacher, I’m going to ensure that it’s never going to be like that. It’s always going to be the same material, just easier for them to understand.” Upon completing his high school education in June 2024, Borden plans to enroll in university, aspiring to obtain a master’s degree in education.

Source: CBC