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Feed Ontario reports manifold jump in food bank use

Feed Ontario is the province’s largest collective of hunger relief organizations. Together with food banks, industry partners, and local communities, Feed Ontario works to end hunger and poverty by delivering fresh and healthy food, developing innovative programming, and driving change through research and advocacy.

Feed Ontario’s Vision: An Ontario where everyone is food secure.

Feed Ontario’s Mission: To champion an impactful network of hunger relief organizations and advocate for solutions to end food insecurity and poverty in Ontario.

Feed Ontario runs several programs to feed the hungry:

•As Feed Ontario’s longest-running program, the Ontario Milk Program has been an essential component of our work for over 25 years. In partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Ontario Dairy Council, and Ontario Milk Transport Association, this program delivers over 1 million litres of milk to people in need each year.

•The CFO Cares Food Bank Donation Program, launched in 2015, enables Ontario chicken farmers to donate up to 300 chickens each year to community food banks. This initiative, in partnership with the Chicken Farmers of Ontario, delivers over 1 million fresh chicken meals annually.

•The Ontario Egg Program, launched in 2015, donates over 144,000 dozen eggs each year to local and community food banks across Ontario. The program, created by the Egg Farmers of Ontario, has donated 8.5 million eggs to support families in need.

•Since 2013, Ontario Pork and industry partners, the Friends of the Food Bank program has donated $40k annually to buy fresh pork for food banks. They challenge industry partners to match this donation. The program has provided over 1.1M servings of pork to support those facing hunger.

•The Ontario Beef Program provides nutritious Ontario beef to all Ontarians through family farms. It was launched in 2014 in partnership with the Beef Farmers of Ontario to provide fresh beef to food banks across Ontario. Since then, the program has served over 340,000 portions of fresh Ontario beef to local and community food banks.

•The Turkey Farmers of Ontario have long supported the province’s food banks. The Ontario Turkey Program ensures fresh, healthy protein for those in need. Since its inception in 2013, the Ontario Turkey Program has delivered over 150,000 servings of fresh Ontario turkey to local and community food banks across the province.

•One More Bite is a food recovery program launched in 2018 with Metro Ontario. It works with stores to save unsold fresh food, including meat, prepared meals, dairy, and bakery products, and deliver it to local food banks. Over 2 million pounds of food have been provided so far.

•The Full Shelves Program supports Ontario’s food bank network with high-quality donated and purchased food items ensuring food bank shelves are stocked province-wide.

According to the 2023 HungerCount report, in March 2023, there were a total of 681,292 registered visits in Ontario. Among these visits, 202,914 were for children. There was a 40.1% change in total visits from 2022 to 2023 and a significant 100.6% change from 2019 to 2023. Notably, 499 food banks reported providing a cumulative total of 738,147 meals and snacks during this period.

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