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Triple Triumph: Les Suprêmes win gold at the world championship

Les Suprêmes of Canada have once again captivated the world, securing their third consecutive gold medal at the World Synchronized Skating Championship in Zagreb, Croatia. Demonstrating unmatched grace and precision, Les Suprêmes led the competition in both the short program, scoring 78.99, and the free skate, with 159.08, culminating in a triumphant total of 237.97. This victory highlights the team’s consistent excellence, following a remarkable 2023 that saw them claim a world title alongside two international medals, and their relentless preparation for the 2024 championship paid off splendidly.

The competition saw the United States and Finland securing the second and third places, respectively. The Haydenettes from the United States elevated their performance from third to silver with a score of 233.85, marking the end of an eight-year medal hiatus. Meanwhile, the Helsinki Rockettes from Finland gracefully secured the bronze with 229.84, adding yet another chapter to their storied legacy.

Despite the hard work and dedication required to excel in synchronized skating, its recognition remains limited, a sentiment echoed by Les Suprêmes co-captain, Julia Bernardo. “It was really exciting for us to skate last,” said Les Supremes co-captain Julia Bernardo in a Skate Canada statement. “Skating last is always super exciting because the crowd is always super fun and loud, and when the crowd gets louder, we just try to be more and more calm, and we prepared ourselves for that.”

“This is unbelievable,” said Les Supremes co-captain Olivia Di Giandomenico. “You don’t realize it until it happens, but we’re so happy and proud of our team. “We’ve come a long way and we’ve been working really hard this season with the goal of winning the world championships again, and it came true and we’re just super happy.”

Les Supremes has had a wonderful season as they have also won both the Canadian championship and Budapest Cup and earned themselves a silver at the PGE Hevelius Cup earlier this season.

Source: Pique News Magazine