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Saskatchewan’s Rebecca Strong wins golden buzzer and $25k at CGT

Saskatchewan’s Rebecca Strong brought the audience and judges to their feet, earning high praises from everyone at a recent episode of Canada’s Got Talent. Rebecca mesmerized the judges and audience as she sang Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold on the stage of Canada’s Got Talent. Her astounding performance earned her the golden buzzer and $25,000 as she proceeded to the next round of CGT.

Rebecca is proud to represent the Chipewyan and Dënesųłinë́ people. Her family hails from Stony Rapids, a small community in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Dene’ language is categorized as part of the Northern Athabaskan language family and has nearly 12,000 speakers in Canada, mostly in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories.

Speaking to the media after the show, Strong said, “I was overcome with a lot of emotions, I was crying the whole time. I immediately started crying after I was done singing. Just seeing everyone come together was crazy.” Strong said she was shocked when Singh leaned over and pressed the golden buzzer.

Each one of the judges at Canada’s Got Talent; Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, Kardinal Offishall, and Trish Stratus give out one golden buzzer each season, and Singh gave hers to Strong, earning her $25,000 from CIBC and a direct entry to the live shows.

“I believe that every person on this planet has a purpose,” Singh told Strong during the episode. “You’re here on this stage, proving to yourself you’re a singer, showing exactly who you are. Right now, this moment, this is your purpose,’ Singh was seen telling Strong after her performance.

Accompanied by her supportive parents, Joan and Glen Strong, Rebecca celebrated her success on stage, surrounded by her family. Her musical journey began early, singing in a band created by her father alongside her sisters. With a YouTube channel already to her name, Rebecca hopes her performance on “Canada’s Got Talent” will inspire Indigenous youth and foster a sense of pride and possibility.

Strong is “very, very happy” that she could touch so many people’s hearts.