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Rosetown Redwings manager and daughter rescue Loreburn 19ers after accident

A harrowing incident unfolded last Sunday when the Loreburn 19ers charter bus collided head-on with an SUV on the highway between Rosetown and Kindersley in Saskatchewan. While the passengers on the bus, thankfully, escaped with minor injuries, another tale of Canadian kindness emerged from the chaos.

Bob Clothier, manager of the Rosetown Redwings and a devoted resident of Rosetown, received a frantic phone call from the Loreburn 19ers, seeking help with transportation. With no spare buses available, Clothier immediately offered his truck for assistance and contacted his daughter, Kelli Emmons, the recreational director in Rosetown.

Quickly coordinating with his daughter, Clothier devised a plan to assist the team, assuring the 19ers’ manager, Mike Lemcke. Despite the 19ers possessing their team van from Saskatoon, Clothier offered additional support by promising to load up all the equipment in the truck and deliver it to the rink.

The incident highlighted the strong sense of camaraderie and solidarity among the people of Saskatchewan. Clothier reflected, “That’s our nature in this province. You look at Telemiracle, you look at any time there is a fundraiser for a family that is in need, we always seem to come through.”

Moreover, Clothier stressed the importance of unity and compassion, which overshadows the competitive nature often observed on the hockey rink. “In the hockey world, you help each other out,” he explained, “and as much as on the ice, you may hate each other, but off the ice, you’ve got to learn to love each other.”

In the wake of the accident, the actions of Bob Clothier and his daughter Kelli epitomize the unwavering spirit of kindness and support that characterizes the province of Saskatchewan.

Source: West Central Online