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Nunavut’s Minor Hockey Committee fishing to support community

The Cod Derby in Arviat was a success for the third time, thanks to the hard work of the local minor hockey committee. Winners from the community were presented with cash prizes, judged on the size of their fish. Cedrik Manik won the top prize of $15,000 with his 69.1 cm cod fish catch. It’s important to note that the organizers do not make a profit from the derby, as all of the money goes back to the community.

The following is a list of the top finishers along with the size of their catch and the prize money awarded in Arviat’s “Ugly Fish” (sculpin) and “Cod Fish” derbies this past month:


1. Jerome Kritaqliluk – 48.4 cm ($6,000)

2. Bridgette Aulatjut – 44.3 cm ($5,000)

3. Louisa Ukutak – 44 cm ($4,000)

4. April Ollie – 43.7 cm ($3,000)

5. Johnny Qaumaqsiaq Mamgark – 43.4 cm ($2,000)

6. Patricia Pitseolak – 40.7 cm ($1,000)


1. Cedric Manik – 69.1 cm ($15,000)

2. Nick Manik – 67.1 cm ($7,000)

3. Paul Anowtalik – 66.4 cm ($5,000)

4. Eden Napayok – 65.9 cm ($4,000)

5. Steven Kigusiutnak – 65.7 cm ($3,000)

6. Donna Alareak – 65.6 cm ($2,000)

7. Alex Ishalook – 64.5 cm ($1,500)

8. Keenan Issakiark – 64.1 cm ($1,000)

9. Samantha Lake – 63.8 cm ($900)

10. Kaine Kaludjak – 63.3cm ($800)

Crystal King Akammak, who helps organize events and is a member of the Arviat Minor Hockey Committee, thought this year’s fishing derby went well. This was the third year that the minor hockey group organized the event, and Crystal considered all three derbies successful. She mentioned that out of the three derbies, this year’s seemed to go the most smoothly. Crystal explained that the derby area spans about five to seven miles outside of the community and includes areas near the bay and a little bit further out where many people fish. She also mentioned that during the derby, people often move around and try different places, especially if they hear some bigger fish are being caught there.

Minor hockey got involved with the derbies because the original organizers of the Cod Derby and the Ugly Fish Derby both wanted to step down – ever since, minor hockey has run both events. Even though there are cash prizes, the goal of the derby is to bring the community together to have fun and meet new people.