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Nova Scotian overcame addiction and is now helping others sober up

Danielle Megaffin, based in Nova Scotia, nearly died from substance use disorder. Now, she is focused on helping young women enjoy their sobriety journey by making it fun. Until early last year, Danielle Megaffin identified as a party girl, struggling with addiction to alcohol and cocaine. Despite multiple attempts to get sober on her own, she experienced relapses each time. She travelled to different countries hoping to escape her addiction but ultimately realized that the addiction always followed her. After hitting rock bottom following another night of partying, she knew she needed to make profound changes.

Fourteen months later, Megaffin is now sober and using her story to help others struggling with addiction. She has over 100,000 online followers and shares her sobriety journey on her Instagram. She launched “Dani Mega Sobriety” to help others find joy in being sober, offering free webinars and a sobriety toolbox on her website.

Danielle Megaffin is a content creator, mental health advocate, PhD student, and Curator of the Museum of Addiction and Recovery. She is also in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. For over 10 years, Megaffin struggled to stay clean and sober, even after going to rehab three times, attending many recovery groups, and receiving therapy. After hitting rock bottom, Megaffin finally achieved her goal of sobriety and genuine happiness without relying on substances. She did it her way by combining everything she had learned over the years.

Megaffin discovered that helping others achieve sobriety is something she loves. She works as a Virtual Sober Companion with individuals who want to get or stay sober by providing personalized, compassionate, and empowering support at every step. She offers various levels of support, from minimal to 24/7, depending on the situation.

“Sobriety is a return to your authentic self and living in the world in such a way that makes yourself proud,” says Megaffin.