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Joyce Bueckert: A heartwarming force of volunteerism in 100 Mile House

In the welcoming community of 100 Mile House, nestled among British Columbia’s picturesque hills and tranquil scenery, Joyce Bueckert is a beacon of selflessness and relentless commitment to helping others. Over 17 years, her volunteer efforts have significantly impacted numerous lives with her endless kindness and empathy. Joyce was honored as the 2022 South Cariboo Citizen of the Year, reflecting her profound impact on the community.

Joyce’s role as the devoted treasurer at the local hospital auxiliary exemplifies her dedication to patient comfort and well-being. Her compassionate service in the auxiliary store, offering comfort items like magazines and books, and her key role in fundraising initiatives showcase her commitment to enhancing hospital services and community welfare.

Her involvement extends beyond healthcare, as Joyce is a vital support system at the Creekside Seniors’ Centre. With over 15 years at the center, including a decade as treasurer, her precise financial management supports essential services for the elderly, ensuring their needs are met with care and efficiency.

Facing volunteer shortages, Joyce’s proactive, can-do attitude stands as the organization’s foundation, inspiring others with her generosity and willingness to assist. Her limitless compassion and readiness to help epitomize her character.

Joyce Bueckert has profoundly impacted 100 Mile House, earning a lasting place in its heart through her numerous kind acts and dedicated service. Awarded the 2023 Medal of Good Citizenship, Joyce’s life exemplifies the incredible impact of compassion and individual effort on the broader community.

Source: Government of British Columbia, 100 Mile Free Press