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Erasing hate from the world

Montreal-based Corey Fleisher has been removing racist and hateful graffiti from all over the world through his initiative called “Erasing Hate”. This initiative began as a response to encountering a swastika on a road fifteen years ago and has evolved into a significant global movement. Erasing Hate is an act being followed across the world with thousands of volunteers joining Mr. Fleisher in removing hateful signs.

Through Erasing Hate, Corey is spreading the message of inclusivity and love for one and all with no space for hate that targets minorities. Over the past 15 years, Erasing Hate has established a global network of supporters, capable of swiftly removing hate graffiti from various locations around the world promptly after its discovery. Social media has played an active role in this noble initiative – Corey and his team leverage social media to stay informed about instances of hate graffiti worldwide. When submissions come in from the public with reports of graffiti, a volunteer in the vicinity takes care of it.

Corey started this movement back in 2009, which has grown from erasing fifty pieces of hateful messages in the first 5 years to erasing fifty pieces a day across the world now. Corey has been applauded for his efforts and admired for his noble work by hundreds of thousands of people on social media.

Corey says “a lot of people think that to erase hate from the world, you need unattainable things like millions of dollars, algorithms and a bunch of complicated stuff. But I differ from those who only observe from the sidelines because I possess simple tools like a power washer, water, and a commitment to positive change. The sensation I experience when eradicating hate symbols is indescribably euphoric.”

Across his social media platforms, you can see Corey erasing hateful messages from posters, walls and roads around the world with his pressure washer as part of his mission to spread the message of love for everyone. He encourages individuals to use items as accessible as nail polish remover with high acetone content to eliminate offensive and/or hateful messages.

In this era of free speech, Corey believes that hate speech should still have no place. His wish is to send a message that people are not alone and are always backed by a large group of supporters, and he makes it clear that he is on a mission to eradicate the cycle of hate.

Corey, exemplifying the renowned Canadian politeness, is dedicated to promoting a crucial global message of love over hate. Please take a moment to browse Corey’s social media and consider joining his movement through the links below.

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