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Conservation group protecting wildlife in B.C.

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, a British Columbia-based conservation group, has purchased exclusive hunting rights to a quarter of the Great Bear Rainforest on the province’s north and central coast to protect wildlife.

In a statement, Raincoast said that it took two years to raise $1.92 million, and this money was used to purchase 18,000 square kilometers from commercial hunting operators. They also said that the purchase makes their environmental group the largest hunting tenure holder in B.C., with six tenures covering more than 56,000 square kilometers.

The acquisitions of land allow Raincoast to protect wildlife while “lighting a path” to the development of an ecotourism economy “not dependent on killing and extracting things.” Over 700 contributions from around the world for this project will permanently protect wolves, bears, cougars, and more.

Source: Raincoast Conservation Foundation