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Citizens in N.B. collaborate with RCMP to enhance safety

In a proactive move to bolster community safety, residents in New Brunswick are stepping forward to support the Codiac Regional RCMP as an extra set of eyes and ears. A newly launched program encourages citizens to become vigilant observers while walking or cycling around their neighbourhoods, equipped with a dedicated app designed to facilitate reporting of suspicious activities. With just a few taps on their smartphones, individuals can alert law enforcement authorities to any concerning incidents, providing real-time information crucial for prompt response.

The process is straightforward: once a report is submitted through the app, it undergoes scrutiny by an RCMP official before being forwarded to the relevant department for further action. Notably, citizen involvement is strictly non-confrontational and focuses on addressing issues such as vandalism, public safety concerns, and unusual behaviour within the community.

For the RCMP to efficiently allocate resources to specific areas or wards, comprehensive data is indispensable. The app serves as a valuable tool in this regard, aiding law enforcement in gathering vital information and generating reports detailing the frequency and nature of incidents. Armed with this data, the RCMP can strategize and deploy personnel effectively to ensure the safety and security of residents.

At the forefront of this community-driven initiative is the Codiac Regional Citizens on Patrol Association (CRCOPA), a volunteer-based, non-profit organization dedicated to crime prevention. Comprising vigilant volunteers who patrol their neighborhoods and report suspicious activities to the RCMP, CRCOPA embodies the spirit of civic engagement and collaboration in combating crime.

CRCOPA aims to build safer communities throughout Greater Moncton by mobilizing citizens to participate in community-based crime and victimization prevention initiatives in cooperation with local law enforcement. In an effort to expand its volunteer base, CRCOPA keeps hosting regular information and training sessions. The association aims to empower individuals to actively contribute to building safer communities by partnering with local law enforcement agencies and spearheading crime prevention initiatives.

Those interested in joining CRCOPA and making a positive impact in their communities are encouraged to contact crcopa.info@gmail.com or visit the CRCOPA Facebook page.

As citizens unite with law enforcement agencies in a collective effort to enhance public safety, initiatives like CRCOPA underscore the importance of community engagement and collaboration in fostering safer, more resilient neighbourhoods.

Source: CTV News