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Calgary-based companies reinventing herd management with technology

Calgary-based Alpha Phenomics and HerdWhistle have merged with the aim of leveraging technology and animal sciences to revolutionize ranching practices. This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in precision livestock management, harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and remote sensing. Livestock producers worldwide can anticipate advanced solutions that will enhance animal health, optimize resource utilization, and drive operational efficiency.

HerdWhistle, since its inception in 2019, has been dedicated to monitoring the feeding and drinking behavior of entire feedlots around the clock. Overcoming initial skepticism from RFID engineers, the team developed the longest high-frequency RFID antenna globally. This breakthrough innovation facilitated the monitoring of entire feedlots, providing invaluable data that unveiled subclinical signs of illness days before visible symptoms manifested in the cattle. Today, HerdWhistle is a frontrunner in the livestock industry, offering data-driven decision-making capabilities that empower feedlot and cow-calf operators with actionable insights for herd management enhancement.

Alpha Phenomics Inc. offers innovative technology solutions for livestock producers, veterinarians, and processors by capturing phenotypic data through advanced multi-spectral 3D and thermal imaging technology. With the vision to become the preferred choice for precision livestock management, the company provides a comprehensive platform for image capture, data analysis, and sustainability in agriculture.

HerdWhistle utilizes UHF technology to monitor cattle feeding and drinking behavior, enabling early illness detection and reducing labor requirements for ranchers. By tracking changes in animal behavior, the system promptly identifies sick animals, facilitating targeted intervention and minimizing health risks. Additionally, HerdWhistle is developing new technologies, including BigEye, a thermal imaging camera that detects early signs of illness in livestock by analyzing heat patterns in their eyes. The company also plans to introduce virtual fencing solutions and handheld diagnostic devices, such as LittleEye, to cater to a wide range of producers’ needs. The merger of HerdWhistle and Alpha Phenomics combines engineering expertise from HerdWhistle and scientific knowledge from Alpha Phenomics, bolstering their capabilities in the animal science domain. The exclusive intellectual property agreement between the two companies is poised to redefine how the livestock sector harnesses advanced technology to enhance animal health, reduce labor

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