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Calgarians helping Calgarians

Different groups in Calgary have taken it upon themselves to help one another in times of rising costs of living. Groups such as the United African Diaspora mutual aid group and the “Calgarians Helping Calgarians” Facebook group are helping each other get through difficult days.

The “Calgarians Helping Calgarians” Facebook group has over 5,200 members who post requests for help with essentials like food, with many community members responding by offering assistance. These groups operate independently of any government programs or commercial businesses, relying solely on the goodwill of fellow residents.

For people with disabilities or social barriers, mutual aid has become a way for the community to come together and help those in need. Most of the people who have asked for help have given back to the community as well.

People with low income, especially those with disabilities, have found it difficult to sustain the increase in costs of living. The ever-rising prices are particularly tough for low-income individuals, pushing some towards the verge of homelessness. Mutual aid groups have become vital in preventing bankruptcy and homelessness by creating support systems for those that are the most vulnerable.

Sisters Kathy Fyfe and Sharon Moore have been managing the “Calgarians Helping Calgarians” Facebook group for about a decade. Now retired, they dedicate their time and efforts to nurturing the community, having assisted hundreds over the years.

To ensure people are not getting taken advantage of, the group doesn’t allow people to ask for monetary help, post GoFundMe pages, or anything about businesses.

These mutual-aid organizations have been able to help Calgarians in times of adversity with citizens from different backgrounds and ethnicities helping each other get through the hard times. United African Diaspora is a mutual aid group in Calgary serving the Black and African community that started in the summer of 2020 to address issues. “Calgarians Helping Calgarians” is a Facebook group aimed at offering help, support, ideas, and suggestions to fellow Calgarians and/or newcomers to the city. There are some great examples of members taking on projects in support of a community need and there will likely be more in the future.