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Alberta Walks Together for ALS

At present, there is no known cure or treatment that can reverse ALS. Some treatments have been shown to slow its progression. The focus of treatment is on managing symptoms, maintaining quality of life, and providing supportive care – organizations like The ALS Society of Alberta combine care and ongoing research to empower individuals daily.

The ALS Society of Alberta is a charitable organization that supports people living with ALS and their families. It provides free services and programs funded by donations and community contributions. The society also raises funds for ALS research, ensuring all money stays in Alberta.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive disorder that damages nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. It primarily affects motor neurons, which control voluntary muscle movements, leading to muscle weakness, twitching, and eventually paralysis.

Jenna Doll, a young mother from Wainwright, has been living with ALS. She first sought help when she struggled with her newborn’s sleeper due to weakened hands. Diagnosed at 31 during the pandemic, Doll faced the devastating news with her family. Despite the challenges, she maintains a sense of humour and continues to run her household. Doll benefits from a self-managed home care program, supported by a loving care team and the ALS Society, which provides equipment and support for her family. As the Wainwright Walk Together for ALS Ambassador, she has raised nearly $50,000. Doll’s approach to the future is to live each day as it comes.

Research is ongoing to help those with ALS, and the ALS Society of Alberta is dedicated to supporting people like Doll, ensuring they have the best possible days despite the disease’s progression.

The ALS Society has organized events in 2024 as Walk Together for ALS, a series of walks where people from around the province can come together and fundraise to support Albertans living with ALS:

June 15 in Red Deer,

August 17, 2024 – 2nd Annual Cycle for ALS (Canmore to Lake Louise)

September 7 in Lethbridge,

September 8 in Hinton, and

September 15 in Wainwright.

You can register or donate here to support Jenna and other Albertans with ALS.

You can learn more about the ALS Society of Alberta and the Walk Together for ALS online and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also make a donation that goes towards the support of Albertans living with ALS. Every dollar donated supports the ALS Society’s mission to provide the best possible support for ALS patients in Alberta, including equipment loans, support groups, home visits, referrals, and assistance for children.