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Regina Food Bank to distribute 10,000 holiday meals

The Regina Food Bank has a target of distributing 2,500 holiday hampers with over 10,000 meals to residents dealing with food shortages. This noble act by Regina Food Bank has helped spread cheer and good meals among thousands of less fortunate people in Regina. The holiday hampers contain two meals – supper and breakfast – with an option for people to select between a standard, halal or vegetarian meal option. The holiday hampers also contain orange juice, milk, cookies and more.

According to John Bailey, CEO at Regina Food Bank, “The big difference this year is people have requested and signed up way, way quicker. The intensity of demand has gone up as more people are using this as part of how they can get through the holidays because they know that their household budget won’t allow for that opportunity to have that food available to them.”

As per the latest estimates by the Regina Food Bank, food insecurity has been experienced by one in four children and one in eight households in Regina, increasing the overall demand at the food bank by around 15 to 20 per cent year over year.

Regina Food Bank is a charitable community-based organization working to fight food insecurity through nutritious food distribution, education and support programs. The food bank aimed to feed over 15,000 people across Regina in December.

Several volunteers joined this noble initiative to help package and distribute the holiday meal hampers. “It is pretty hard work but really, really rewarding at the same time,” exclaimed one volunteer.

If you are interested in supporting Regina Food Bank, please visit their website by clicking here.

Source: Regina Leader-Post